We are not fast talkers.  We are storytellers.  

Every person, every business and every organization has a story to tell. When your guests, customers and donors truly connect with your story, they will be more likely to open their hearts and wallets to your cause.  It is our job to understand your message so that we can effectively and efficiently market it to your supporters and potential supporters.


We’re more than Auctioneers.  We’re ACTIONeers.

Ambassador: We fully understand the hard work and dedication of your committee.  We want to learn about your organization and event so we can be an ambassador for your group.  One of our goals is to connect the audience to the purpose of the fundraiser.  Most auctioneers can be good bid callers with proper practice. Taking Bids takes a comprehensive approach so that your attendees not only enjoy this year’s event, but will look forward to the next one.  Whether they place a bid or not, everyone needs to feel appreciated for attending and understand what they can do for the organization.

Compassionate: We do what we do for a reason.  The stories and the missions of the organizations we serve are all impactful.  When we can play a part in making a positive difference to the organization, its benefactors and the community as a whole, then our work doesn’t seem like work at all.  We do what we do because your generous hearts are great at what you do – and we want to help you succeed in your mission.

Team Approach:  Just as you can’t expect to raise all of the funds yourself, we can’t do what we do without you.  It’s your story, it’s your event, it’s your service to our communities that enable us to maximize the bidding at your fundraiser.  There is no I in team.  We will work WITH you to make sure your goals for the event are set and exceeded.

Influential: Owner, Trisha Brauer, is the only full-time benefit auctioneer in the Kansas City area.  All employees of the company are professionally trained in the auction industry.  In addition, Trisha is the only female to ever be inducted into the Board of the National Auctioneer Association. Our successful style is to use our storytelling technique to influence the audience to engage and act.

Optimistic:  We believe that every fundraising event can be a success.  No matter the size of the audience of the list or quality of items to sell, we will work hard to get the most for your bottom line.  Everyone has a heart, and it is our job to tug at their heart strings and share your organization’s positive message.

Non-Profit Mindset: Our team devotes their professional careers to working with nonprofits.  This is what we do and this is what we do best.

Serving the Kansas City Area and Beyond

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