Inclusive Fundraising: Give everyone a change to support your cause

At many events, people will come with money to give but leave without getting the chance. Studies of event demographics show the majority of your guests will not be able to afford big items, but they have a strong desire to support your mission.  All of your donors are important, and we will review strategies to include all levels of giving throughout your event.


Your takeaways:

  • Understand the demographic and economic breakdown of your guests.

  • Select fundraising activities that fit revenue goals.

  • Evaluate the effectiveness of each revenue stream for an event.

Powerful Presentations: Getting attention on you and away from their phone

Have you given a presentation to an audience and when you look out, you see half of the audience on a screen?  In this session, advanced and creative presentation techniques are reviewed and discussed that give presenters new ideas on how to connect with their audience.  Gone are the days of PowerPoints and lecture and here are some exciting methods to be more effective when delivering your message.

Your takeaways:

  • Evaluate current processes for delivering presentations.

  • Identify new methods of presenting information in a public forum.


I’d rather eat a bug than speak in public…Pointers for handling nerves

Speaking in front of five people or 500 can be nerve-wracking for almost anyone.  We have all heard techniques like “breath” or “just picture them naked” (wait, what?). The pointers delivered in this presentation take handling nerves when speaking in front of others to a new level.


Your takeaways:

  • Identify personal reasons for becoming nervous when public speaking.

  • Analyze strengths and how to incorporate them into public speaking.

  • List methods to effectively handle nervous behavior when public speaking.


Whose bank account would you rather grow: yours or theirs?"

It takes guts to leave a job that provides a regular paycheck, excellent benefits and an exceptional retirement plan, but that is exactly what Trisha Brauer did. Trisha tells her captivating story of why she walked away from what she thought was her dream career and took a chance on herself. In this session, learn to take what you love and how the money will follow.


Your takeaways:

  • Identify what you really want in your personal life and career.

  • Determine your level of risk tolerance and how to use this to create change.

  • List the beginning steps of starting a business and/or making a major life change.

Christian Louboutins in the Board Room

This is not a boring seminar that discusses the statistics of how incredibly lopsided it is for men to hold leadership positions. This is not a seminar that talks about how girls were brought up to be “nice” if they were assertive, they were labeled as “bossy”. Instead, this is a discussion about why the world needs woman to balance out the see-saw of leadership positions.  How to be a female leader that stands out in the Board room?


Your takeaways:

  • Understand the differences in leadership styles between genders.

  • Select methods of handling gender bias behavior in Board/leadership environments.

  • Identify your own traits that make you a leader who stands out.


I would but…Dealing with Your Own Obstacles

How often do you hear yourself saying “I would but…”?  During this honest presentation, learn how you are getting in the way of your own success and to become your biggest cheerleader.


Your takeaways:

  • Identify where you are using “but” in your life.

  • Evaluate reasons why you are creating excuses instead of creating progress.