Turn Drinkers into Donors: Part Five

For all of the love there is for babies, puppies and yoga pants, please consult a professional sound company. The majority of event spaces do not have a sound system that is powerful enough for your fundraiser. It is great for a wedding toast or when the mayor is giving a keynote speech at a luncheon, but that is where the house sound stops being effective.

House sound does not work for a few reasons. First, the speakers are generally small and stuck in the ceiling or walls. This puts the speakers significantly far away which distorts sound. For those of you with children or a significant other, imagine when you yell at them through the house and all you get back is a “What?”. You rinse and repeat the yelling followed with “What” a few times until you finally get fed-up and go find the other person. They couldn’t hear you because the sound source was too far away.

Second, house sound doesn’t have enough of the right type of juice to make it powerful. The fix of “We will turn it up” makes a bad situation worse. Think back to the beater car you, or your best friend, had with the factory radio. When your favorite song came on and you tried to blast it, the song sounded terrible. Sound is not effective by volume only. You need the right mix of tones and amplifiers for it to be effective.

In closing, if people cannot hear, they will not pay attention. If you take anything away from my blog, please call a professional and have the conversation about what they can do for you and how it will benefit your event. While there are often variables after an event we want to change for the next year, I promise you that hiring a professional sound company will not be one of them.