Do we charge for our services?

How much is our fee?

Do we charge for our services?

Yes.  At Taking Bids Fundraising, we realize that there are many choices you have in selecting an auctioneer and auction team for your event.  We have a proven track record in improving our customers’ bottom lines.  Remember, just because someone is free and doesn’t send you a bill, doesn’t mean they are not costing you money.  An individual who is not professionally trained as a Benefit Auctioneer Specialist will cost you considerably more in lost revenues than the fee we charge. 

Our team understands you have one night – one opportunity, to make a large portion of your yearly budget.   As a professional, you already understand that you get what you pay for.  Just because someone is really outgoing and entertaining does not mean they know the best approach in asking people to part with their hard-earned dollars.

How much is our fee?

There are many variables in determining the fee for your event.  Our fees are based on the following:

  • Level of involvement with your organization

  • Number of items to be sold during your live auction

  • Size of your audience

  • Whether consulting services are needed

  • Silent auction advising

  • Additional activities conducted by the auction team during the live auction

Visit our rates page to fill out a couple of questions.  Then, a member of our team will contact you to discuss your needs and to determine if our company is a good fit with your organization. 

How do we receive payment?

We have 20 methods that we can give your organization to cover our fee.  Our number one priority is to determine if our company is what you need for your event.  If so, we will find a method of payment that best suits you.  If we do not feel that we are what your organization needs, we can point you in the direction you may need to go.


Do we talk fast?

Of course!  Part of the excitement of a live auction is the auctioneer’s chant. However, our auction team realizes that many audiences at a benefit event are not experienced auction-goers.  So, while we still may talk fast, we make sure we are telling a story and that the audience understands it and engages with us.